Welcome back to Credit Card Wars Part 49!

So, I’ve done a few reviews on the Uber credit card in the past and it seems as though all you guys thought my review were unfair and pretty much bias.  So I’ve decided to take the time and do another Uber credit card review for 2019.

Last year, I decided to shred my Uber credit card which really didn’t go over too well with everyone so I had to call and have a new credit card sent to me.  I wanted to get that out of the way as well.

I complained last year that I didn’t receive my $100 dollar bonus after spending $500 within the first 90 days.  Customer service was able to email me a copy of my statement showing that they did in fact deposit 10,000 bonus points into my account.

Moving on, I had roughly 20,000 bonus points at this exact moment which equals about $200 of cash so I decided to get eight Amazon gift cards at $25 increments which I plan to give away one at a time during my YouTube Credit Card Wars Series which is every Thursday at noon PST.


This Uber credit card is excellent since it has $0/Annual Fee and also accumulates 4% on Dining!  I personally feel dining is huge as long as you eat out a lot.  Personally, I stopped eating out during the weekdays as a small goal of mine.  If you travel a lot and book a lot of hotels, you will get 3% as well.  I wonder if they consider Airbnb in this category?  You will also get 2% on any online purchase which includes Uber the app.

Two big perks I wanted to mention as well is if you plan to pay your cellphone bill using this Uber credit card, they will also give you cellphone protection up to $600 in damage or theft.  Should be interesting if anyone out there has experience using Uber’s cellphone coverage.  The last perk I see is no foreign transaction fees outside of the United States.

There’s a $50 credit on subscriptions if you use more then $5000 per year on your card.  I don’t think I would use it so I’m not going to go into that.

That’s my complete unbiased review on the Uber Visa credit card.  Will I keep this card in my arsenal?  The answer is yes.  There isn’t an Annual Fee so I’m going to now give this card a sold A+!

If you are wondering what video created a stir in the past, this was my ‘bias’ review last year which riled up my audience.  Enjoy! 



Vu Nguyen