Six individuals you need to meet

I received an invite this past Tuesday to attend a Portland Trail Blazers game with my son where we would take part in honoring six individuals for accomplishing first as African American’s here in Portland, Oregon.  Not only was it great taking my son to his first professional NBA game, it was also great to see and meet six individuals that have excelled in their personal and professional life.  Here they are below and what they have accomplished:

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is the first African American women to serve on Portland’s City Council.

Justice Adrienne Nelson is the first African American to serve on Oregon’s Supreme Court.

Chief Danielle Outlaw is the first African American women to lead the Portland Police Bureau.

Dr. Danny Jacobs became the first African American to become President of OHSU.

Dr. Miles Davis is the first African American Prsident of Linfield College.

Michelle DePass is the first African American President & CEO of Meyer Memorial Trust.

This event was held in the Rose Room here at the Moda Center which is home to our Portland Trail Blazers.  There is always the long grind when you are running your small business and the day in and day out routine of operating and keeping things afloat.  I want to challenge everyone reading this to take a moment now and daydream.  Think about what these six individuals have accomplished.  Think about their audacity to reach for the stars and be the first ever to reach the goal they set for themselves.  They hit their goals and they are still working.  Still chasing their next big dreams!

My son and I took a moment to get a picture with Justice Adrienne Nelson who again is on the Oregon Supreme Court.  There are only seven elected Justice’s that serve six-year terms.  So amazing to think about her drive to be where she is today.

We know life isn’t fair.  We know that someone is always bigger, faster and smarter then you.  That’s life.  Get over it.  Think about accomplishing something big.  Your day job or your day business is probably keeping you busy but challenge yourself to think bigger.  Reach for that goal you haven’t told anyone.  Reach for that dream where if you told someone, they won’t believe you since it sounds too far out!

This game I attended with my son was also Dwyane Wade’s last game against the Blazers since this is his final season.  He scored 22 points!  Damian Lillard who is an All Star this season barely scored 13 points!  So fitting…. 

As I sat there and looked at my little buddy taking in the game, so many thoughts went through my mind.  Mainly, I hope you continues to dream big in life as well.


Vu Nguyen